Our Mission

I felt a need to change the stigma and modalities of what everyday substance abuse treatment looks like. Through my own research and experience, I found, that each person deserves a choice when it comes to their treatment plan. Every client has different needs. Not every treatment center can give every client the individual care and attention they deserve or yearn for. So why should their road to recovery not be something tailored to their needs, likes, and passions? LA Recovery Project is not a one size fits all program. We serve the individual seeking freedom from the challenges of substance abuse and mental health disorders.

What We Do

At LARP we offer a complete spectrum of quality, compassionate, innovative care for mental health recovery and treatment of co-occurring disorders. Each client is given a list of options to choose from that fit them and their treatment goals. We cater to individuals looking for private treatment experiences, those who desire more traditional treatment, and the person seeking both. Whatever your treatment goals are, we have it covered. Our philosophy is that finding the right help can be really hard, but finding treatment that was created specifically for YOU doesn’t have to be.

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