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Sober Coaching/Sober Companion

A recovery coach helps clients transition back into the routine of a healthy lifestyle while assisting to identify and resolve personal and environmental obstacles in recovery. At LA Recovery Project, we understand that this is a multilayered process that requires both physical and emotional support. Our goal is to provide living proof of the power of recovery.

Clients require support at different levels, and this is the reason that the companionship offering exists in various forms. As an example, a client may do well at home but have reservations when away, or a client may opt for 24/7 sober coaching care for a period of time.

La Recovery Project is an advocate that provides a consistent source of honesty and feedback as you transition back into the life you deserve. Please call for an assessment to see if LA Recovery Project is the best option to fit your coaching needs.

Are services customized?
Sober coaching programs are tailored to fit all individuals and their schedules and needs. Coaches can even live with clients full-time for a period of two weeks to two years, depending on what’s best for the client.

What kind of coaches are available?
While we’re located in LA, we have qualified sober coaches across the country and many who are willing to travel to you. No matter where you are, we have coaches available to work with your needs. We also have both male and female coaches and give you the option to choose what makes you most comfortable.

Is coaching confidential?
Our coaching services are 100% confidential.

Private Medically Supervised Detox & Residential Care

Not everyone is receptive to the traditional inpatient model of treatment. In fact, many people have underlying issues that would be triggered by having them attend a traditional inpatient detoxification or inpatient treatment program. At LARP, we thoughtfully handle these situations.

By providing an in-home detoxification, we allow the client to remain in a comfortable environment without sacrificing any of the medical or clinical standards that are so important to detox safely. Our licensed psychiatrists and medical experts work together and use their best practices to offer a compassionate, customized treatment program that utilizes and embodies the latest techniques in the field of mental health treatment. Our treatment professionals use our evidence-based treatment modalities to administer a medical detox in the privacy of your own home or a safe and secure environment where our client is removed from the daily stressors of life and can focus on recovery.

After a client has gone through the detox process, a residential program is often put into place. Also performed in the privacy of your own home or a safe and secure environment, all residential treatment services are brought to you. Individual therapy, family or couple’s therapy, case management, life skills, meditation, and more can all be done in your home, all while utilizing our leading team of experts.

Private Continuum and/or Private Outpatient Care

Outpatient treatment is an important and often the lengthiest part of the treatment process. After gaining the tools necessary during a residential program, the outpatient program is meant to put those tools into action. At LARP we custom-tailor an outpatient program that allows each client to find their place in their new world.

Clients meet with an individual therapist to continue working through various issues that may be holding them back. Clients work with a life skills coach to set goals, find passion, and get to know various areas of their new sober life. Clients also work with a mentor to help create the new and improved version of the person they’ve always wanted to be.

LARP can incorporate a nutritionist and personal trainer to assist with physical health as well. We utilize meditation, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, and ancient Indian ceremonies to help clients begin their spiritual journey. If you can dream it, we can incorporate it. By utilizing our Concierge Outpatient Program, clients are finally able to choose the areas of work that best fit their needs and interests.

Case Management

Case management is recommended for both clients and families at various points throughout the treatment process. There are various types of case management offered by LARP, all meant to guide the client or family through the treatment process.

Family Case Management: Family case management is utilized when the family system is fragmented. We rarely find that the client is the only one in need of guidance or direction. By utilizing the family case management option, our team of experts is able to work with the client on creating a path to recovery, while also teaching the family tips and tools needed to realign the family and support the client. Family case management can create a more harmonious family dynamic and repair fragmented family systems.

Individual Case Management: Individual case management is utilized when the identified patient needs guidance and direction navigating the treatment process. An individual case manager helps a client to track and make sense of all of the different aspects of their treatment. Giving the client one go-to person allows the client to better understand the process and provides greater benefit from the program. Individual case managers act as a team leader for all of the various individuals involved in a client’s treatment program.

Treatment Case Management: Treatment case management is utilized for families and individuals deciding which route or options are best suited to their issues. Treatment case managers can educate the client and family on all of the different options available, from assistance in picking the best treatment program to helping to create a custom treatment program. LARP’s connections and knowledge of the treatment industry is invaluable when helping families make the right decisions for their loved ones.

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